MComm Technologies is an End to End technology provider focused on providing SMEs and consumers access to basic technology infrastructure accross Africa and Europe .

  • Address: 1 Leo Road, Sunward Park,
    Boksburg, Gauteng, South Africa
  • Phone: 010 140 1490 / 021 000 2920
  • Email: admin@mcommtech.co.za

Linphone for smartphones, tablets and desktop platforms

MCommTech has strategically chosen Linphone as its primary communication application, embracing its pioneering open-source nature and its comprehensive suite of features that significantly enhance digital connectivity.

Linphone's commitment to delivering high-definition audio and video calling ensures that every interaction is not just heard but felt, creating a sense of presence that bridges geographical distances. Its capabilities extend into audio and video meetings, as well as group calling, providing a robust platform for both internal team collaborations and external client engagements. This choice reflects MCommTech's dedication to leveraging cutting-edge, reliable technologies that align with its ethos of adopting open-source solutions.

By integrating Linphone, MCommTech underscores its commitment to secure, efficient, and versatile communication tools, positioning itself as a forward-thinking IT and communication services provider in the digital age.



Desktop Operating Systems x86-64

windows      mac      linux     

Mobile Operating Systems ARM64

android      mac     

To access your SIP credentials or to manage your trunk, please login to: MorBilling Platform
NB: Remember to always enable your 2FA settings!