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We've partnered with the best to give our customers piece of mind. When it comes microwave, the majic word is "redundancy". Business Connect Wireless Package with LTE failover has no equals especially during these unfortunate times of "Loadshedding".

Vodacom is one of the largest telecommunications companies in South Africa. One of their biggest advantages is their nationwide microwave network. This network allows for high-speed data transmissions without the need for expensive cables or open radio frequencies. Microwaves are also much safer than older radio frequencies since they're non-ionizing and don't emit strong electromagnetic waves. Vodacom is one of the few companies with an extensive microwave network, so they have a lot of experience with it.

Vodacom's microwave network covers most of South Africa. It uses both fixed stations and portable devices to provide coverage to all areas of the country. Stations are located inside most public buildings and some private residences. Each station has multiple transmitters that can cover large areas in little time. All this microwave coverage gives people fast and reliable internet access without sacrificing safety or data quota limits.


Vodacom has spent R1.7 billion in the past two years on battery backups alone to ensure your business stays online. We are here to give that personalised touch to businesses and make sure things happen faster and the right experts are assigned your individual needs. MComm Technologies provides quality assurance and 24 hour monitoring of client infrastruture through our in-house SDWAN enable monitoring system. Generally this allows us to address issues before you are even aware of service interruptions and leaves your network protected as no open ports are generally required for UDP hole punching.

Wireless network Deployment - PTP and PTMP


A wireless LAN is a computer networking system that provides connectivity between computer systems and various devices within the building.
It uses radio waves to create a communication link between two devices connected to the Lan environment. Wireless LANs are useful when creating an area for employees to work in from which they won't be disturbed.
The area should be secure and free from electromagnetic interference (EMI). Furthermore, security measures such as restricted access points and CCTV surveillance must be taken to ensure all workers comply with company policies and guidelines.
We have a number of successful deployment in place for verious businesses and educational institutions. We further provide a client portal with mobile applications so you can monitor connected devices and with utilization.

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