MComm Technologies is an End to End technology provider focused on providing SMEs and consumers access to basic technology infrastructure accross Africa and Europe .

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    Boksburg, Gauteng, South Africa
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A GSM SIM card is an electronic device that provides mobile phone users with access to the cellular network. GSM SIM cards are available from providers like us who provide bulk GSM sim provisioning services. Providers typically sell smaller quantities of SIM cards at a lower price than mobile phone providers do. This is because they save on overhead costs by operating as a direct-sales company rather than an retail location.

Customers typically enjoy much greater flexibility than purchasing direct from mobile phone providers as rates plans can be changed on the fly, there is more granular management and data can be transfered between plans.

As a Vodacom Approved Partner we are here to assist businesses plan, source, mentain and insure their mobile devices. We provide a dedicated Accounts Manager and 24 hour support to ensure that you are well looked after.

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For resellers, providing bulk GSM SIM provisioning services is a great way for companies who sell mobile phones and sim cards to make extra money. Typically, these businesses save customers money by offering lower cost plans and providing faster service provisioning times than mobile phone providers do. Additionally, these businesses allow customers to buy larger quantities of SIM cards at a lower price and provide service within a few minutes of receiving stock.