MComm Technologies is an End to End technology provider focused on providing SMEs and consumers access to basic technology infrastructure accross Africa and Europe .

  • Address: 1 Leo Road, Sunward Park,
    Boksburg, Gauteng, South Africa
  • Phone: 010 140 1490 / 021 000 2920
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A well hidden secret is that reseller hosting is ideal for companies looking to add extra domain names and web sites to their portfolio. Many reseller hosting plans offer ample disk space, memory and CPU resource to run multiple websites on one machine. This saves time and money by centralizing all your hardware in one place. Plus, if you ever want to start your own website, you can easily update it with new software without having to buy new hardware.

For tech-savvy individuals looking to start a web development business, a shared reseller web hosting plan is ideal since it's affordable and offers enough space for your projects. You can easily upgrade your plan as your business grows without paying extra fees.

Resellers Hosting is offered in two flavours Dedicate or Shared reseller with the difference being, in Shared the main OS is managed by hosting provider as there are special skills required to harden the underlying server from attacks and to setup general configurations.

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If you're a company looking for extra domain names, multiple web sites and Dedicated IP address for your portfolio, reseller hosting is an ideal solution.
There may be cases where additional Static IP addresses are required, please feel free to reach us for additional IPs.

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