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Linux containers offer a way to package up applications so they run independently from one another. Apps run on Linux servers and on the Linux operating system itself in virtual machines. Containers provide the flexibility required for creating secure and efficient systems. They're also much faster than traditional methods.

A container is a virtual machine that contains all the files, processes, resources, and configuration necessary for running an application. Every app runs in its own isolated environment, making it secure and error-proof. In addition, containers save on system resources since each app runs on a limited amount of space. Some common uses for containers are running apps on Linux hosts without affecting the host's performance or memory, running apps on virtual machines without affecting the underlying physical machine, and running apps on the kernel itself without affecting other applications.


Container apps are an efficient way to run individualized applications on Linux systems- especially for large organizations that want customized setups for their users. Virtual machines still have their place when starting new projects or troubleshooting performance issues, but using containers is becoming increasingly easy as more platforms support them natively or through third-party extensions.

Choose your preferred Linux Distro and we will deploy it as an LXC container. Prebuilds for Docker CE with or without Portainer Dashboard are also available as auto-installer.



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