MComm Technologies is an End to End technology provider focused on providing SMEs and consumers access to basic technology infrastructure accross Africa and Europe .

  • Address: 1 Leo Road, Sunward Park,
    Boksburg, Gauteng, South Africa
  • Phone: 010 140 1490 / 021 000 2920
  • Email: admin@mcommtech.co.za
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    Global Telecommunications
    for the African Continent
    a free Consultation
    010 140 1490
  • Take the complexity out of communications
    with our Leading-edge VoIP technologies
    Deployed in the Cloud or Onsite
    Efficiently deliver voice, data, and multimedia content over today's always-on broadband networks
  • We provide an Extensive Fibre Optic Network
    Peering at Vendor Neutral DataCenters
    Microwave Lastmile Connectivity connected to Fibre Backbone
    Cloud Managed Mobile Data Solutions.

Vodacom Approved Dealer


ECS & ECNS Licensed Operator


BBBEE Score Recognition Level


About Us.

Our slogan: Source Code is Freedom!

We love tech, even more when its automated. We love reducing the cost of doing business for our customers. So naturally we created a system capable of doing both. It's a win for you, and a win for us.

MComm Technologies is a licensed b2b ITSP, WISP, WASP and ISP built for the sole purpose of looking after the interests of small to medium enterprises. We aim to empower millions of customers around the globe to start and grow their businesses by employing strategies that lower business CAPEX and OPEX without compromising quality. We will achieve this through economies of scale, owning the value chain and leveraging resources through shared costs across business units.
Since inception in 2013 the goal has been, to become a fully automated, highly adaptive, self sustaining ecosystem for the advancement of the African continent.

An interesting fact is that MCommTech started out as a Bulk SMS reseller, with its first customers being restaurants and takeaways shops who would run weekly specials over BulkSMS. Today our SMS business has scaled to looks after mainly Security companies (IT and Armed Response) in the SADC Region. We still have a beautiful UI but today our traffic is more machine to machine communication over APIs.

Our founder and Field Marshal: Mel Mlindi Mtintsilana, hails from the Eastern Cape and spent his early years in Pretoria before opting to settle in the city of gold, Johannesburg. He is a highly skilled and extremely motivated individual who is unbelievably talented as a sales professional, sales trainer, personal development coach and ofcourse is a technophile. We are often reminded that: "1. All men are equal behind a screen. 2. Attitude, Gratitude and Servitude are the gateways to success!"


It's no secret, we love Linux and Opensource due to its flexibility, security and transparency on source code. To honour the community we have included some of our favorites for the benefit of the next generation of tech dreamers.

High Availability

Our clients have enjoyed zero unplanned down time since 2013 on our SMS Gateway. Tech: KVM HA clusters and microservices.

Low Latency

All server are hosted locally to providing great performance. Tech: 10Gb enternet, fiber channel and dedicated internet.


Full historical reporting all across all our services. Tech: Prometheus, Grafana and PromQL metrics and cust. dashboards.

Client Portal

Our client portal comes complete with infratucture management, invoice history, knowledgebase, payment gateway.

Real time monitoring

Now you can monitor your servers in real time from your client portal. Tech: Zabbix, Nautobot, Ansible and cust. dashboards.


All information on our hosted servers is backed up in South Africa with mirrors at "Secret location". Tech: TrueNAS ZFS, Ceph, Bareos.