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As the world's largest security manufacturer, Hikvision has been a pioneer in the video surveillance industry’s revolutions in digitalization, networking, and intelligence. According to IHS report, Hikvision has topped the list as the world’s largest supplier of CCTV & Video Surveillance Equipment for five consecutive years (2011-2015), and retains the number one market share position in virtually all individual equipment categories, including network cameras, analogue and HD CCTV cameras, DVR/NVRs, and video encoders.



Mature and stable IP Video brand captivating the complete Surveillance solution from cameras to switches and NVR’s. Innovative solutions with PoE out IP cameras Focused on convenient deployments and the integrator experience. Developed the Solution Integration Alliance to ensure that Vivotek is able to integrate with best of breed industry software and hardware video management platforms and analytics such as Milestone and Nuuo.



Uniview is a complete Video surveillance solution that integrates Uniview technology into one unified system IP cameras, NVR, Encoder, Decoder, Storage and Client software and app, covering a diverse vertical markets including retail, building, industry, education, commercial, city surveillance etc. Awarded the GDSF Most Popular New Prominent Product for Uniview NVR

CCTV Kit Options


4 Channel

HD 4 channel DVR/NVR Solution


8 Channel

HD 8 channel DVR/NVR Solution


16 Channel

HD 16 channel DVR/NVR Solution


32 Channel

HD 32 channel DVR/NVR Solution

Optional Extras


IP Cameras

Fixed, Bullet, Dome, Fish Eye, PTZ etc.


Video Servers

Analogue to IP Systems



Weatherproof enclosures, camera lenses, keyboards and joysticks, infrared illuminators and mounting accessories.



We provide Network Video Recorders and Digital Video recorders in the following brands: Hikvision, NUUO, Ubiquiti airVision, Vivotek, Uniview and Grandstream.


Video Management Software

o NUUO IP+ Software, NUUO CMS, NUUO Crystal Titan, Vivotek Vast and Milestone Systems.


Surveillance Switches & Storage

o Vivotek, Uniview and additional hard drives.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are quick answeres to common questions

Q: Can I zoom in with an IP camera?

Yes, however for high definition zoom you need a special camera called a Pan-Tilt-Zoom or PTZ camera.

Q: What type of Operating System (OS) does the Security DVR use?

Most PC-based Security DVR Systems use Windows, and Standalone Security DVRs are Linux based.

Q: What kind of cable should I use?

Siamese cable, which is an RG59 coaxial cable and a pair of 18 gauge wire in the same jacket to make installation easy.

Q: What happens if there is power outage?

Most Security DVRs will come back on as soon as power is restored. However, we suggest an uninterruptable power supply (UPS) which provides a short period of backup power and also serves as a surge protection device.

Q: Can the Security DVR report an alarm?

Yes, some Security DVRs have that option.

Q: Do you provide training?

Yes we do. This is done at your premises and covers best practices and user functions.

Q: Can I link my CCTV system to my alarm system?

Depending on your alarm system, one can link it to your CCTV system in order to send snapshots via email depicting the camera visuals covering the area that triggered the alarm.

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